Florida GOP governor refuses federal money to build high speed rail in state

Perfectly consistent with the Republican’s secret plan to keep red states impoverished, under-developed, uneducated and unhealthy. Rather than focus on building the economy, health and education of their constituents, Republicans prefer to focus on high-profile sensational gestures – banning abortions, bashing gays, belittling as “socialist” health care policies that might actually, finally, help people in need. So now the GOP governor of Florida doesn’t want to accept federal money to build a high speed rail because he might get socialist cooties.

Good. The feds should take the money away from Florida, and the jobs and economic growth that would go alongside finally having the kind of trains that France had 25 years ago, and give the money to another state. Then the governor, and everyone who voted for him, can sit back and crow about how they held their state even further back.

And before anyone falls for the “it wasn’t a good project for Florida” line, conservative GOP governors in Ohio and Wisconsin have also turned down the money. This is politics. The Republicans don’t want to accept stimulus money and then have to admit that it actually helped their state by going to a useful project. So they turn down the basically-free-money (the state was only required to put up $280m to match the feds $2.4bn), and impoverish their states even further during a horrendous economy.

The Republicans are about demagoguery. They’re not here to fix our nation’s problems, they’re not here to move our country forward. They’re here to talk about abortion, guns, gays and God (and socialism), otherwise GOP politicians just aren’t that interested.

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