Even conservative-biased poll shows majority of Wisconsinites support unions over governor

Dave Weigel has the results. And TPM has the analysis.

A poll purporting to show broad support in Wisconsin for Gov. Scott Walker’s (R) budget proposal made the rounds today, popping up on at least one Wisconsin news site and getting a mention on MSNBC.

“BREAKING: Poll Shows 71% of Wisconsinites Think Walker’s Budget Changes are ‘Fair’,” screamed the release from the poll’s sponsor, the conservative-leaning Franklin Center For Government and Public Integrity, based in Alexandria, VA. More on all that from TPM’s Eric Lach here.

The poll was quickly picked up, making an appearance on the WisPolitics.com news site and getting a shoutout on MSNBC dayside.

There’s only one problem: the poll actually shows more Wisconsin voters are on the side of the pro-union protesters and their Democratic allies than back Walker and the Republicans.

Remember the number one rule: Republicans lie.

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