Massive demonstations planned today in Cairo

When this started, it hardly seemed likely that Mubarak was seriously in trouble. As each day goes on, one wonders how he can possibly stay any longer. ElBaradei says “what we have begun cannot go back” and there’s no way to argue against that. The longer the old regime stays, the more complicated the transfer of power will be due to probably violence. Mubarak must be negotiating his departure though he can’t cling to power for much longer. Al Jazeera:

The so-called April 6 Movement said it plans to have more than a million people on the streets of the capital Cairo, as anti-government sentiment reaches a fever pitch.

Several hundred demonstrators remained camped out in Tahrir square in central Cairo early on Monday morning, defying a curfew that has been extended by the army.

“It seems as if they are saying: ‘We are here to stay. We are re-invigorating our movement and we are not going anywhere’,” one of Al Jazeera’s correspondents in Cairo said.

Protesters seem unfazed by Mubarak’s pledge to institute economic and political reforms. Our correspondent said that people feel that such pledges “are too little, too late”.

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