Experts doubt HCR will actually ‘kill jobs’

But remember, lies need no basis in fact. To wit: Death Panels. The GOP will continue to claim whatever they want, in unison, until the public thinks it’s true – unless someone with enough stature to steal the news cycle stands up and calls them liars to their face (that would be you, Mr. President).

Facts simply don’t work to refute lies in politics. They’re, sadly, not enough. You need to get in someone’s face and call them on their lies, or the lies stick.

Now get this. The NFIB, quoted by the GOP as “proof” that health care reform will kill jobs, has just repudiated the very NFIB study that the GOP is basing their “job killer” claim on.McClatchy:

The report says that a study by the National Federation of Independent Business, “the nation’s largest small business association, found that an employer mandate alone could lead to the elimination of 1.6 million jobs between 2009 and 2014, with 66 percent of those coming from small businesses.”

But that study was released on Jan. 28, 2009, well before the law was written. It studied a model, not the law that was enacted eventually, and it was based on a different set of assumptions.

“It’s old. We don’t use it anymore because it was based on a hypothetical mandate,” NFIB spokeswoman Stephanie Cathcart said. While her group still thinks that the law will hurt business job growth, it cites no firm number.

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