GOP filibusters health benefits for 9/11 heroes

From HuffPost Hill:

Because the “Bald Eagles Are Delicious Consumer Freedom Act” wasn’t on the legislative calendar, the Senate today thought it’d be fun to screw individuals who were the first on the scene to the nation’s greatest domestic tragedy since Pearl Harbor. Thanks to Republican opposition, the chamber failed 57-42 to overcome a filibuster on a bill that would have provided increased health benefits and other assistance to 9/11 responders. Seeing as how Republicans have never received any assistance from 9/11, this makes perfect sense. “The attacks of 9/11 were attacks on America,” New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a statement, “and we have a collective responsibility to care for the heroes – from all 50 states – who answered the call of duty, saved lives, and helped our nation recover.” The New York delegation is pushing to include it as part of the tax-cut bill.

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