Did Wikileaks supporters just hack ABC News?

UPDATE: False alarm. ABC posted the page and didn’t bother putting a title on it, or anything else. From digging around on their site I was able to find Jake Tapper’s story about Palin being hacked, and a link to this page which shows what the hack looks like. Too good to be true, alas.

Greg Mitchell just tweeted that we should all check out this ABC story about Sarah Palin under cyber attack from Wikileaks supporters. Well, it appears ABC’s story is itself under cyber attack as well. Check it out:

You can click the image to see a larger version – check out what’s on the screen instead of the video about Palin:

It’s possible that this is simply ABC showing an image of Palin’s site being hacked. But there’s nothing else on ABC’s page, no explanation, nothing – which makes me wonder if this isn’t ABC’s own video that’s been hacked.

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