Orcas go surfing in New Zealand

This must be amazing to see in person. Great shot by Michael Cunningham. Apparently some of the local surfers aren’t bothered by the orcas and they will continue riding the waves with them. I eventually got used to diving with sharks while in southern Africa, though it did take a while. Even then, the largest shark I saw was much smaller than these lovely creatures. But of course, surfers are always a special crowd that won’t let something like a shark ruin the day.

Orcas, or killer whales, positioned themselves prominently and made it clear they were the real experts — and that no mere human on a surfboard was going to deny them whatever waves they wanted.

“They knew what they were doing,” Michael Cunningham, a Northern Advocate photographer and witness, told the newspaper. “They looked like they’d done it before.”

New Zealand’s orcas, unlike those in other parts of the world, are known to occasionally embark on surfing forays, but rarely is someone on the beach ready with a camera.

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