Japanese whale hunters to face Godzilla this season

It will be good to see fewer whales slaughtered this year.

Gojira, which can easily out-run the larger Japanese vessels, will be used to help locate the factory ship, which processes whales killed by crews aboard harpoon boats; to try to thwart harpooning, and to prevent delivery of harpooned whales to the factory ship.

“The factory ship is the one we’re after and if we can find it, we can shut down whaling,” Sea Shepherd spokesman Jeff Hansen told reporters in Australia. “We can save 10 to 12 whales a day by blocking the slipway on the factory ship, so really this vessel is going to play a huge part in shutting down the Japanese whaling fleet for the entire summer.”

This will be Sea Shepherd’s seventh campaign against Japanese whaling in the Antarctic during the Southern Hemisphere summer, and the fourth season with an Animal Planet crew aboard, filming for its popular “Whale Wars” series.

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