Family Research Council now officially a ‘hate group’

They say they’re not. Let’s let the Family Research Council’s own words speak for themselves (I did the research for this page I’m linking to, and all the links were live at one time – they’re for real):

Gays will recognize pedophiles as prophets

“…one of the primary goals of the homosexual rights movement is to abolish all age of consent laws and to eventually recognize pedophiles as the ‘prophets’ of a new sexual order.” – “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

Gays are pedophiles, and want to promote youth promiscuity

“There is a strong undercurrent of pedophilia in the homosexual subculture. Homosexual activists want to promote the flouting of traditional sexual prohibitions at the earliest possible age….they want to encourage a promiscuous society – and the best place to start is with a young and credulous captive audience in the public schools.” – Robert Knight, Family Research Council,

Columbine killers might be gay/bisexual

“What Are The Media Hiding?….the media have been slow to give a full profile of the killers -avoiding any mention of their alleged bisexuality as reported by several students….Matt Drudge describes them in his report as ‘gay, jock-hating, confederate flag-wearing, goth rock & Marilyn Manson loving, white supremacist, fingernail polish wearing, Hitler birthday celebrating outcasts’….One student shortly after the attack said they were militant ‘gays’ who were retaliating against jocks. Another student said on NBC’s Today Show that the trench coat kids bragged about being bisexual… No American news outlet has reported that bi-sexuality could have played a part in the tragedy.” – FRC’s “CultureFacts”, April 21, 1999,

Matt Shepard, and gays generally, will not inherit the kingdom of God

“homosexuals are included in a list of sinners, who, if unrepentant, will not inherit the kingdom of God.” – Family Research Council press release about Matt Shepard’s funeral, on the day of the funeral, October 16, 1998, The release implied that a gay person who had not yet become, or tried to become, an “ex-gay” was “unrepentant.”

Matt Shepard compared to a drunk

” ‘They create a climate and environment of intolerance and give license to those who seek to vent their rage or frustration on an entire community,’ Human Rights Campaign executive director Elizabeth Birch said Wednesday, addressing a Washington rally attended by the likes of actress Ellen DeGeneres and Alan Simpson, a Republican former senator from Wyoming. Ms. Farish vehemently rejects such allegations. ‘Don’t blame AA because a drunk was beat up,’ she said.” – Heather Farish of the Family Research Council, quoted in the Dallas Morning News article, “Why now? Other gays have been victims of brutal attacks, but the slaying of a Wyoming student has caused a national outcry,” by Brooks Egerton, October 17, 1998.

Gays are deviants

“Homosexuals have never been forced to sit in the back of the bus. They are as privileged a group as any. To compare their attempts to affirm deviant sexual conduct to the legitimate discrimination claims of true minorities is a sham,” said FRC Director of Cultural Studies Robert H.
Knight – FRC’s CultureFacts, July 28, 1999,

Gays hate God

“[Homosexuality] is the opposite of love for God. It is a rebellion against God and God’s natural order, and embodies a deep-seated hatred against true religion.” – THE ASSAULT ON CHRISTIANS BY THE MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT, by Steven A. Schwalm, Family Research Council,

Gays oppose Christianity

“Militant homosexuality is fundamentally opposed to religion, family, and anything that presupposes a natural moral order, a transcendent God, or something else higher than ourselves. The activist homosexual agenda and worldview are fundamentally incompatible with Christianity or any form of true religion, because homosexuality is ultimately narcissism” – THE ASSAULT ON CHRISTIANS BY THE MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT, by Steven A. Schwalm, Family Research Council,

Comparing gay Christians to Satan worshippers

“Religious Right groups went on the attack against President Clinton after Rev. Troy Perry, a gay minister, was included among the 120 religious leaders taking part in an ecumenical breakfast at the White House. Family Research Council’s Robert Knight said, ‘We are witnessing the Administration’s moral meltdown. What’s next? A memorial to Church of Satan founder Anton LeVay?’ ” – People for the American Way Web site,

Homosexuality can kill you

Gary Bauer: “involvement in homosexuality can kill you. It can kill you emotionally, it can kill you physically, and it can certainly kill you spiritually.” – Oct 16, 96 – Family Research Council Web site,

Gays spit on Jesus

“Homosexual activists who once asked for tolerance now show no tolerance or sympathy for Christians whose sacred symbols they defile. They are totalitarians who accuse everyone that disagrees with them of “hatred.” Even as they masquerade under the banner of tolerance, they spit on the most sacred Person revered and worshipped by millions. They mock our religious symbols, deride our beliefs, and even desecrate our churches and sacraments. ” – – THE ASSAULT ON CHRISTIANS BY THE MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL MOVEMENT, by Steven A. Schwalm, Family Research Council,

Lesbians hate men

“hatred for men, which is very typical of a lesbian experience” – Kristi Hamrick, FRC, Oct 16, 96, Family Research Council Web site,

Gays think they’re exempt from God’s rules

Robert Knight: “one of the bigger lies that is told about the lifestyle is that somehow homosexuals are different from the rest of us, that they have an exemption from the responsibility to live by the rules of nature and nature’s God that the rest of us have.”- Oct 16, 96 – Family Research Council Web site,

Homosexuality is a “life destroyer” – destroys families, shatters hope

Robert Knight: “The sexual revolution, of which homosexual activism is a key part, has laid waste to countless lives, destroyed families, and shattered hope for people who have been cast adrift into a deadly carnival of excess. It’s time to reaffirm the permanent things of marriage and family and sexual sanity. It’s time to throw people a life preserver instead of a life destroyer, which the homosexual subculture surely is.”- December 1997 Address at Harvard,

Gays are diseased, die early, and are less productive than heterosexuals

“homosexual behavior is extremely unhealthy, contributing to the spread of AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C and other sexually transmitted diseases….A study of more than 6,400 obituaries in homosexual publications reveals that homosexuals typically have far shorter life spans than the general population. Other reports indicate that homosexuals are more likely to have drug and alcohol abuse problems. It is unfair to force businesses to pay the extra insurance expense and lost productivity that inevitably results from homosexual behavior.” [Editors note: the source for this “research” is the discredited Dr. Paul Cameron – see below for extensive information about his extreme beliefs]
– Robert Knight, Family Research Council, testifying at ENDA Hearings, July 29, 1994 – committee on Labor and Human Re
sources, US Senate.

This is a “war” against “destructive” homosexuals

“…wage the war against the homosexual agenda.” – From the Web site of Bauer’s Family Research Council, which calls homosexuality “destructive”, source: Time magazine, Oct 26, 1998.

Gays hurt people, families and communities

“homosexual behavior hurts people, families, and communities.”- Robert Knight, March 1997 speech,

Gays are security risks

“homosexuals are a security risk” –

Gays embrace culture of death, risk well-being of all society

“Those who practice homosexuality embrace a culture of death. They risk their lives as well as their mental and spiritual well-being….a band of radical activists, many of them highly placed, put the well being of all society at risk to satisfy their craving for approval.” – People for the American Way, “Hostile Climate,” 1998, p. 9.

Gays are after children

“Homosexual activists have made such strides in gaining acceptance that now they feel the final frontier is the children. That’s been the goal all along: get the next generation.” People for the American Way, “Hostile Climate, 1988, p.9.

More on gays are after children

“Homosexuals say they don’t want the children, but boy they put a lot of energy into going after them.” – Robert Knight of FRC writing in a Focus on the Family newsletter, quoted by People for the American Way, “Hostile Climate,” 1997, p.15.

Lesbians drink, do drugs, or are hateful

When asked “Do you think most lesbians, when they first get involved in lesbianism, think it’s wrong?”, Yvette Cantu of the Family Research Council responded: “Yeah, you know it’s wrong. And then you either drink or do drugs to get past those feelings of knowing it’s wrong, or you blame it on society and become aggressive and hateful. Those are your options.” – AFTAH Web site interview,

Lesbians are dysfunctional

“What people commonly call “dysfunction” is everywhere in the lesbian community. Once I went to this party at someone’s house, and none of the women there drank because they were all alcoholics. So it ends up that this is a dry, AA lesbian poker party. I thought, “What am I doing here? This is crazy. Why do I want to go to a dry poker party?” I don’t even know how to play poker. This is weird.” – AFTAH Web site interview with FRC’s Yvette Cantu,

Gays don’t like children

“To me, thinking that a gay [male] couple would even want to adopt a child is bizarre [because] I can’t imagine them wanting that kind of responsibility. The homosexuals I knew who had been married before had already dumped their kids on their ex-wives, and were perfectly happy to see them two weeks out of the year! If they had children, what would happen when they were too busy having their sex parties?” – AFTAH Web site interview with FRC’s Yvette Cantu,

Gays don’t support monogamy, child-rearing, family values

When asked about gay Americans who support monogamy, child-rearing and family values, FRC’s Yvette Cantu responded: “I want to know who’s saying this, besides HRC [the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual lobby group] … Is it the men in the gay bars and bathhouses taking a look at their lives and saying, ‘We need to settle down, pull together a family and live normally?’ No, the only people who are saying this are the activists who are trying to gain special rights for homosexuals. They’re saying, ‘Look, if we play it right we can get the special rights we want. Stop making us look bad.’ But the people who are ‘making homosexuals look bad’ are pretty much the entire male homosexual subculture.”- AFTAH Web site interview with FRC’s Yvette Cantu,

Lesbianism akin to eating off the floor

“You don’t have to eat the stale crumbs off the dirty floor, which is basically what lesbianism is.”- AFTAH Web site interview with FRC’s Yvette Cantu,

Gays are after children

“Gaining access to children has been a long-term goal of the homosexual movement.” – “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

Gays only pretend to oppose pedophilia

“In the United States, homosexual activists are more circumspect about their efforts to gain access to children…homosexual activists publicly disassociate themselves from pedophiles as part of a public relations strategy”- “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

Gays are 33% of child molesters

“they constitute about a third of child molesters.” – “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

Gays commit 80% of child molestations

“it is estimated that approximately 80% of pedophilic victims are boys who have been molested by adult males.” – “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

More on gays only pretend to oppose pedophilia

“The homosexual rights movement has tried to distance itself from pedophilia, but only for public relations purposes.” – “Homosexual Activists Work to Normalize Sex With Boys,” FRC publication, July 1999,

Gay relationships are unpure, perversion of God

“Hanes said what has struck him most about married life is its purity — a quality, he said, that is always lacking in homosexual relationships. ‘It wasn’t until my marriage that I understood what a gift from God this really is, and what a perversion of God’s ideal homosexuality is.’ ” – FRC’s CultureFacts, June 23, 1999,

Gays may destroy American family

“Legally destroying the exclusive territory of marriage to achieve a political end will not provide the real benefits of marriage to homosexuals, but it may be the blow that the shattered American family does not survive.” – Kristi Hamrick

Gays are like a gun to the head of America

“That’s what we’re talking about whenever you’re talking about gay rights. You’re talking about giving somebody a gun to put at the head of anybody who disagrees with them, whether it’s the Boy Scouts, whether it’s a local dry-cleaning establishment or a giant corporation like Shell Oil.” – Robert Knight,

Gay parents lead to prison, voyeurism

“I know a guy who has just entered jail, tragically, because he grew up in a lesbian household. He still loves his mother and doesn’t really blame her, but he said, ‘You know, as a boy in a lesbian environment where it was intensely anti-male’ — that’s all he heard, this bitterness toward men — he said that he felt totally disenfranchised, began having sexual problems. He eventually became a voyeur, and he is in on a peeping Tom charge. He was so curious about how normal people have sex. We have other people that are cases like this.” – Robert Knight,

Homosexuals in the bedroom

“Homosexuals do not do what mom and dad do in the bedroom. They don’t provide children the role models that mom and dad do” – Robert Knight,

Gays against home, family

“Homosexual and lesbian activists have made it clear in recent days that they are in this fight to change the world — from one that values and cherishes home, family, and heterosexual marriage as the cornersto
ne of society to one that says anything goes.” – Kristi Hamrick,

Gays are about promiscuity, violence

“Homosexuality is not merely about a harmless personal preference. It is about a lifestyle that involves having sex with another person of the same gender. More often than anyone would like to admit, it’s about promiscuity — and even violence. It is about unnatural, unsafe, and unhealthy behavior.” – – Laurel L. Cornell

Gays are tragic misuse of sexuality

“Homosexual behavior is a misuse of sexuality that has tragic consequences for individuals, families and communities.” – Robert Knight,

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