Todd’s ‘irate email’ to Joe Miller sure makes it seem like Sarah is running in 2012

What a tangled web they weave up there in Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s choice for Senate, Joe Miller, thinks the minimum wage is unconstitutional. But, his wife collected unemployment benefits. That’s pretty standard hypocrisy from the teabagging crowd. But, Joe’s got a bigger problem: Todd is mad at him. Todd Palin, that is. And, Todd got so mad at Joe that he gave away the big secret: Sarah is running for President.

Jeanne Devon a.k.a. AKMuckraker at Mudflats broke another Palin story:

It has long been speculated that former Alaska governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin would mount a bid for the White House in 2012. So far, Palin has avoided directly answering questions about her intent. However, internal emails obtained by The Mudflats provide the most conclusive evidence to date that Palin will be running for president, and also indicate a behind-the-scenes rift between the Palins and an Alaskan candidate that they have both publicly endorsed.

An irate email written by Todd Palin seems to confirm his wife’s presidential ambition, and revealed his anger at Alaska Republican Senate candidate Joe Miller. The email demands that the treasurer of SarahPAC, Tim Crawford, “hold off on any letter of support for Joe,” and came on the heels of an interview Miller gave to Neil Cavuto on Fox News Sunday.

Yep, Joe Miller didn’t enthusiastically say that Palin should be President. And, here’s Wonkette’s take:

Oh no! It’s the Mama Grizzly’s husband, Anger Bear! “Sarah spent all morning working on a Face book post for Joe, she won’t use it, not now.” Aww, the poor thing, slaving away on a status update for someone she thought was a friend. This is from an e-mail Todd Palin sent Joe Miller on September 19, in which Todd rips Joe Miller for not endorsing Sarah for president when Miller was asked if she was qualified for the job on Fox News. Well, yeah, obviously she is qualified. Look at all that effort she puts into writing her “Face book” posts.

I guess this means that anytime we complain, whine, gripe or groan, we’ll really will hear: What are you going to do? Vote for Sarah Palin.

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