Colorado’s GOP/Teabagger Senate candidate links being gay and alcoholism

There was a lot of gay-related news coming from today’s “Meet the Press.”

Remember how we kept hearing that teabaggers don’t really care about social issues? Not quite.

The latest anti-gay attack comes from Colorado’s teabagger Senate candidate, Ken Buck. He was on “Meet the Press” today and espoused his belief that being gay is a choice. Apparently, that’s because “you can choose who your partner is.” And, somehow, he managed to bring alcoholism into his explanation. Not kidding. The Wonk Room got the video:
Buck’s answers to the gay questions warrant the headline in the article about today’s debate in the Denver Post:
“Buck’s remarks on homosexuality loom after Meet the Press debate”

It’s not a choice. And, Buck gets added to the growing list of teabaggers who are unabashed homophobes — along with Paladino, Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell.

If you live in Colorado, please don’t let your friends and family vote for this homophobe. Elect Michael Bennet. This is a close race and Buck’s homophobia should hurt him. shows Buck leading 48.2% – 44.1%. Nate Silver’s model has the projected results favoring Buck: 49.8 – 47.5. But, it looks like Bennet is moving in the right direction.

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