Brilliant, scathing, Maureen Dowd piece on Obama

When she doesn’t try to be funny, she’s viciously right on target. Read the entire column, please. It’s that good and on point. (And she also mentions Joe’s gay marriage question to Obama this week.)

His inner circle believed too much in the power of the Aura and in protecting the Brand. They didn’t think they needed to sell anything or fight back when the crazies started sliming them. They didn’t care that the average citizen needed an M.B.A. to understand the financial plan and a Ph.D. to fathom what the health care plan would mean.

Because Obama stayed above it all on health care and delegated to Max Baucus, he missed the moment in August of 2009 when Sarah Palin and the Tea Party got oxygen with their loopy rants on death panels. It never occurred to the Icon that such wildness and gullibility would trump lofty rationality.

As the president tries to ride the Tea Party tiger, let’s hope for this change: that he puts some audacity in his audacity.

Funny she should mention August of 2009.  That was when the Teabaggers were disrupting all the Democratic health care townhall meeting.  When no one had the balls to stand up to the little fascists, Speaker Pelosi alone penned an op ed in USA Today calling them un-American.  When the White House got asked if they agreed with Pelosi, they threw her under the bus.

Bad political decisions have consequences.  And when you string too many bad decisions together in a row, you get a Republican Congress.

PS Why is it that journalists still think it okay to quote the work of bloggers without giving us credit? The gay marriage question to Obama that Dowd mentions in another part of the same article is Joe’s question to the President. Dowd doesn’t mention Joe, but she does, at another point, mention the NYT’s Peter Baker (why cite one and not the other?). The Washington Post pulled the same crap last week about the same topic. If we can give them credit when we cite their work, they can do the same.

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