Angela Merkel turns on foreigners with attack on multiculturalism

It’s not as though we haven’t seen our own culture wars in the US, but in light of the recent poll in Germany, Merkel’s attack is even more troubling. Outside of pure politics, why would Merkel make this such a big issue? There’s a serious xenophobia issue in Germany that needs to be addressed. After all, it was only a few months ago when the country was worked into an irrational frenzy over the Greeks. Who will the scapegoat be tomorrow?

Chancellor Angela Merkel has branded Germany’s attempts to build a multicultural society an “utter failure” in an unprecedented speech designed to revive her own and her conservative party’s flagging popularity and regain the initiative in an increasingly hostile public debate about immigration.

Ms Merkel, who normally scrupulously avoids courting xenophobic opinion, bluntly told a meeting of young members of her ruling Christian Democratic party that the “Multikulti” notion of people from different cultural backgrounds living happily side by side simply did not work.

“This approach has failed, utterly failed,” she told applauding young conservatives gathered at a conference in Potsdam outside Berlin on Saturday. Instead she urged Germany’s 16 million immigrants to do more to integrate into society and to learn German.

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