Americans really are dumb sometimes

New CBS/NYT poll. A few odd results.

Republicans hold six-point lead among likely voters in generic House ballot, 46-40.


Democrats are viewed more positively than Republicans. Forty-six percent view Democrats favorably, while 48 percent view them unfavorably. Forty-one percent view Republicans favorably, and 52 percent view them unfavorably.”

Seems a bit contradictory. Then there’s this:

Forty-seven percent of likely voters want the health care law to be repealed. Forty-three percent want it to stand as it is.

People are morons. The next question should have been: And what is in the health care law that you want repealed? I’ll bet none of them had a clue. They simply listened to the GOP misinformation, and the lack of sufficient response from Obama and the Democrats, and concluded the law nationalized our health care and thus will make it “bad,” you know, like France (where health care is actually better than here and 1/10th the price)

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