WI GOPer Ron Johnson was on Finance Council of Diocese being sued over child sex abuse

Now this is starting to make sense.

On Monday,
we posted video of Wisconsin’s GOP Senate candidate testifying against a bill to aid victims of child sex abuse. I asked

Seriously, who sides with child sex abusers over victims?

Now, the first response for me, and I suspect many others, was: The Catholic Bishops, of course.

And, guess who was sitting on the Finance Council of the Green Bay Diocese, which was being sued by victims of child sex abuse? Wisconsin GOP Senate candidate Ron Johnson.

From Uppity Wisconsin:

Oh, that’s rich, Ron! I guess you’re forgetting your time on the Green Bay Diocese Finance Council.

But, since you brought it up… let talk more about it: You see, under Canon Law, the Finance Council has ultimate authority, among other things, in the settling of law suits. And what is the main kind of law suit you dealt with as a member of the Finance Council? Sex abuse claims by children assaulted by priests and other clergy of the Green Bay Diocese.

In fact, you even went to the Wisconsin State Senate to strongly lobby against a bill that would have removed the statute of limitiations that prevents child victims of sexual assault from suing their assaulters and the institutions that enabled them. And when you got down to Madison, you not only spoke out against the Child Victims Act, you categorically spoke out against ALL law suits against dioceses and other employers that get sued because they reassign instead of arresting employees they know to be pedophiles.

And here’s the kicker: You testified before the Wiconsin State Senate while your Green Bay Diocese Finance Council was trying to get a law suit dismissed. Not on grounds that the diocese was guilty– they transferred predator priest John Feeney 14 times in 14 years– but because… wait for it… the statute of limitations had expired. And here’s the best part: the guy that was responsible for reassigning the predator preist, Rober Morneau, is still the auxillory bishop at the Green Bay diocese and one of his functions is to head-up the Finance Council, which Johnson was a member.

So, all in all, I would say you have all kinds of experience settling law suits– not to mention all the ones you settled at Pacur… which I’m sure you’ll be releasing since you brought this issue up.

The Catholic Church enabled and abetted child rapists. And, people like Ron Johnson are trying to let them get away with it.

UPDATE @ 1:15 PM: Just learned that SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, is holding a press conference today in De Pere, Wisconsin “Calling on US Senate Candidate Ron Johnson to Challenge Green Bay Bishops on Priest Pedophilia Cover-Up.” From the press release, here’s why:

Victims and family members of childhood sexual abuse by clergy will be emailing a letter to Republican US Senate candidate Ron Johnson on Wednesday urging Johnson to use his close public affiliation with the diocese of Green Bay to challenge bishop David Ricken to withdraw a recently filed court motion by the diocese to stop the release of the names and case histories of all known priests who have sexually assaulted children in the diocese.

“Johnson is in a unique position to use his history and relationship with the Green Bay diocese and his candidacy for the US Senate to protect children and insist that the Bishop of Green Bay David Ricken immediately stop fighting a court motion which would finally let parents and the public know: who are the priests that have raped and sexually assaulted children in the diocese, where are they, and who is watching them right now,” says John Pilmaier, the Wisconsin Co-Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests.

Another update @ 2:19 PM: Johnson now says he wants the Diocese to come clean — or something along those lines. Hmmm. What does he know. And, when did he know it?

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