White House says ‘no’ to solar panels

Being progressive is much, much too dangerous. My gosh, someone might run with the Carter comparisons on this issue. Forget about the huge disappointment among the left or the failure to embrace real change because that would have nothing to do with any talk about a one term president. It’s all about the solar panels because they have a clear “left of the left” tilt.

A quest to get Barack Obama to shout his commitment to solar power from the roof tops – by re-installing vintage solar panels at the White House – ended in disappointment for environmental campaigners today.

Bill McKibben, the founder of 350.org, had led a group of environmental activists to Washington in a bio-diesel van hoping to persuade Obama to re-install a set of solar panels originally put up by Jimmy Carter.

The actual Carter-era solar panels – which weigh in at 55 kilograms and are nearly 2 metres long – are out-dated now. But campaigners had hoped that the White House would embrace at least the symbolism of going solar – much like Michelle Obama kicked off her healthy food movement by planting a vegetable garden.

But the White House declined – twitchy perhaps about inviting any comparison to one-term Democratic president Carter in the run-up to the very difficult mid-term elections in November.

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