Poll: Investors uncomfortable with market and don’t trust it either

Why in the world would anyone trust the current Wall Street? The bank profits were all about the TARP money and as volatile as it’s been, this is no market for anyone who isn’t enjoying the luxury of expensive software systems. The administration should take a closer look at this as it could be an opportunity to win over new support. With the heavy reliance on Wall Street for retirement plans, most voters want to see a properly working environment where they can succeed. Watching those who created the recession profit while everyone else limps along does nothing to bring confidence.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring everyone back to reality instead of the continuing cycle of get-rich-quick schemes that have been very much part of the market problems.

Wild gyrations on Wall Street have made U.S investors leery of buying individual stocks and skeptical that the market is a fair place to park their money.

In an Associated Press-CNBC poll of investors, 61 percent said the market’s recent volatility has made them less confident about buying and selling individual stocks. And the majority of those surveyed — 55 percent — said the market is fair only to some investors.

The survey confirms that average investors have been growing more concerned about the stock market as a safe place to invest for retirement. And news about the market has been unsettling for ordinary investors of late: More than 60 percent of those surveyed said they had paid attention to news reports about swings in the stock market.

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