Palin fires back at Schwarzenegger’s ‘I can’t see Russia’ tweet

Too bad Palin failed to recognize that she cut and run on the job plus accepted massive federal government handouts for Alaska. It’s easy to balance a budget when your waist deep in handouts from states that pay more into the system. Shouldn’t that money count if someone like Palin who rails against government spending wants to have this discussion?

On Friday afternoon, Palin hit back at Schwarzenegger and took aim the economic distress plaguing his state.

“Arnold should have landed,” Palin tweeted. “I could have explained our multi-billion dollar state surplus & US energy security efforts. What’s he been up to?”

Schwarzenegger’s state has been drowning in debt and budget deficits for years. Alaska has a relatively healthy economy that is heavily reliant upon oil revenue and received federal stimulus dollars.

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