Dylan Ratigan & Tom Hayden: Where’s the anti-corporate outrage?

A good discussion on a late-August Dylan Ratigan episode. Dylan asks “Where’s the outrage?” given the current economic troubles and the power of the “six major industries [that] control the entire U.S. government regardless of whatever political party the telecommunications, banking, health care, defense, agriculture, energy“.

Hayden and Ratigan compare these times to both the Sixties and the Thirties, similar eras with different protest arcs. I think the comparison to the Thirties (2:00 in the vid) is correct; if so, the real protests are coming, and not passé (in both senses).

At one point (3:45), Hayden talks about the Tea Partiers as representing the counter-movement, but also as inadvertently prepping the way for the next wave. A good discussion throughout (h/t Griffon for the link).


The discussion in the final third of the interview is also astute. Comparing students in the Sixties with today’s, he correctly identifies the differences that keep today’s students more passive (my word, not his) — especially educational debt and the lack of a draft. (Debt as a way of killing student protest was another Reagan gift.)

But Hayden isn’t negative on the young; when the opportunity for something that looks practical comes up, they come through. His example is telling (I’ll leave you to experience it directly).

Once more, Dylan Ratigan — someone who belongs on the radar. His show is early by Keith standards — 4pm EST, 1pm PST. The watch-for-free website is here. Enjoy.


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