Christine O’Donnell’s long history with the ‘Pray Away the Gay’ movement

What else would you expect from a seemingly sex-obsessed Handmaiden? Looks like Christine O’Donnell has a long history of activism in the most obsessed of the sex-obsessed right wing — the Pray Away the Gay organizations.

Here’s Rachel Maddow on O’Donnell’s involvement with this Christian underbelly:

Note Rachel’s point about O’Donnell being familiar to Movement insiders (3:30 in the clip). She’s is a Movement professional with a 10-year history of activism, a person very much like Monica Goodling in her involvement.

She’s committed, a lifer it seems; and one with apparent criminal tendencies (aren’t they all). She’s both a mirror and an inverse of Carrie Jean Prejean. All this story needs is a sex-tape, and you could bank it as complete.

O’Donnell is also another whom the gods appear to have made mad. That should be our lever if she wins.


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