Bill O’Reilly on tax cut debate: Boehner ‘was caught in a tanning bed’


Rep. John Boehner “was caught in a tanning bed” and “didn’t really hear what was going on” during the public debate over tax cuts, Bill O’Reilly told me today. That is how he explained Boehner’s “blink” on the tax cut stand-off when the Ohio Republican said he would vote to extend just the middle-class cuts if it was his “only option.”

Speaking of tanning beds. I just find it funny that a party that goes out of its way to gay bash (no gays in our military, thank you very much), and even subtly imply that Democratic candidates aren’t as manly as they should be, has a party leader who spends his time cultivating a perpetual tan. I don’t think I know any straight guys who get perma tans. I mean, sure there’s Charlie Crist… And don’t even get me started on the eyebrows and the make-up in his official photo (and tell me he’s not wearing make-up). Imagine what the Republicans would do if our party leader had that as his official photo.

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