Biden’s message to energize base: ‘Stop whining’

This is, I believe, the third time that Obama (twice) and Biden (once) have recently belittled the Democratic base heading into this election. It’s now clearly a White House strategy, for at least its wealthiest fundraisers, to knock the base of the party. That base would include labor, Latinos, gays, women, environmentalists, health care advocates, and more.

The thing is, I can’t for the life of me understand what the White House thinks it gains by continually poking the base – the people who actually vote in mid-term elections – only five weeks before the election. Are they trying to convince the rest of Democrats – you know, the people who don’t vote in mid-terms – that if they did vote, they should vote for Democrats because the people concerned about the state of the party, and the nation, are “whiners”?

The President, rather famously, routinely refuses to stand up to conservative Democrats and Republicans, and it’s likely the primary reason we’re about to lose the House.  The President insisted on compromising out the gate on the stimulus – rather than asking for the amount of money we needed, he asked for half, then gave another 35% away in near-useless tax cuts, cutting the impact of the emergency legislation even further.  The entire country, all of us with friends and family members currently out of a job, are paying dearly for this mistake.  So for him and his to tell us and ours to stop whining is pretty pathetic.  It’s also a pretty idiotic strategy a month out from a crucial election.

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