A quick tour of Stockholm

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Nothing fancy this time around, just wanted to show you a few shots I took in Stockholm the past couple of days. I’m in Sweden at the invitation of the Swedish Netroots. We’ve been working together for the past year and a half (or longer) on helping building the international progressive Netroots, something I’ve been working with the Greeks, Spanish and French on as well. This week was the first time I was free, and since I was in Europe already, it seemed a good time to come by – especially with the Swedish national elections happening this coming Sunday, I’ll be able to observe how the Swedes electioneer (albeit without understanding a lick of Swedish).

Anyway, it’s a great country, and Stockholm is just a lovely city. Can’t say enough good things about this place. And, the stereotype is true. Lots of blonds, and the people are just gorgeous.

Ah yes, I took this shot earlier today. Noticed some political party campaigning on a corner, and noticed far too many cops hanging out nearby (this is Sweden, after all, not a ton of violence). Well, I soon figured out that this was the Swedish Democrats party, not to be confused with American Democrats. The Swedish Democrats, I’m told, have troubling ties, and/or a past, with Nazis. Lovely.

This is just a cool HDR photo that I took on my daily walk to and from the hotel. It’s a pedestrian sidewalk in downtown Stockholm.

This is a political rally last Sunday for the Swedish Social Democrats (the good guys). Attending was an actor I didn’t know, until someone pointed out that he was the father of the blond vampire guy on True Blood. Then I got excited.

A marathon I ran into on Saturday.

A neat new-ish building along the river that evokes a bit of the Sydney Opera House.

And finally another fun HDR photo. The town is simply empty at night, and this was relatively early (10ish).

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