US general pleads case for Banana Republic

Putting aside his typical Republican talking point for the moment, why is this behavior tolerated? Outside of the US, senior generals criticizing the president is Banana Republic territory. It’s creepy and has no place in a functioning democracy. The last time I checked, General James Conway works for the president. Criticism is fine in the right context but this is not it. Maybe we’ve all become too accustomed to blowhard generals thinking they’re above the system but the older I get the less I like hearing from them in public. If they can’t accept one of the most basic functions of their job (accepting orders from the president) or they don’t like it, resign. Is it posturing for a political career or a new job? Who knows but it turns my stomach to see this garbage and then watch it be tolerated. BBC:

A senior US general has warned President Barack Obama’s deadline to begin pulling troops out of Afghanistan is encouraging the Taliban.

US General James Conway, head of the US Marine Corps, said the deadline was “giving our enemy sustenance”.

Gen Conway warned that US forces in southern Afghanistan will likely have to stay in place for several years.

His comments are likely to fuel debate over US strategy in Afghanistan and Mr Obama’s July 2011 withdrawal date.

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