The Shock Doctrine in New Orleans

Five years ago there were reports that New Orleans, black and destroyed, would be rebuilt to white-guy specs.

In a way, it was kind of obvious; a great opportunity for Bush and his friends to race-swap a city just asking to be a white theme park.

Opportunity, say Hello to power and money. Here’s Rachel Maddow talking about New Orleans housing, rebuilt to … white-guy specs. She doesn’t say “shock doctrine” but she could have. The phrases “George Bush” and “by design” come up around the 7:00 mark. (Sadly, Obama’s name comes up too.)

Thanks, Rachel, for shining the light. Note that this doesn’t happen without corrupt local politicians, blacks included.

Race-swapping in New Orleans is a long-term project; these guys will take two decades to do it. We’re just seeing the score at the end of the first quarter. Looks like 14–3 to me.


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