New forecast shows Dems losing 6 to 7 Senate seats

Not enough to lose their majority, but pretty damn close.

On average, over the model’s 100,000 simulation runs, the Democrats are projected to lose a net of six and a half Senate seats, which would leave them with 52 or 53 senators. (Even though the G.O.P. primary in Alaska remains too close to call, that outcome is unlikely to alter the model.)

It seems we’re not the only ones disappointed with the way the Democrats have led the past two years. It’s really quite abominable that we, the people, handed them overwhelming control of the House and Senate, the presidency with a 70% approval rating, a GOP in shambles, and this is what they’ve done with it.

And before anyone blames it on the economy, the reason the economy is in so much trouble is because the President refused to even try to get the larger stimulus that everyone knew was needed. And the Democrats in Congress should have never ceded power to a President fearful of wielding it.

They’re all to blame.

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