Privatization in UK will pay handsomely, to the select few

Here’s a country that is on the wrong track. The excessive austerity program is going to tip the economy back under and as they throw public services overboard to make finances look better there are a few lucky businesses that are about to cash in and strike gold. It’s hard to imagine anyone there can honestly believe that private industry is going to improve the National Health Service (NHS) without driving up costs. What part of the American health care failure have they missed in recent decades? This is nothing other than a giant shell game and the UK is being had.

A government efficiency drive aimed at slashing spending in town halls and boosting productivity in the health service is likely to deliver billions of pounds of new business for private companies, the Guardian has learned.

Outsourcing firms are preparing for a bonanza of local authority contracts to provide everything from bin men to back office bureaucrats and have reported a doubling in the number of deals on offer this year. Private health companies are also expecting to earn billions of pounds from the planned overhaul of the NHS in which GPs would take over responsibility for spending £70bn.

Executives at Capita, the UK’s largest outsourcing firm, said the number of opportunities for local authority contracts has already doubled this year and they see the healthcare market as “vast and potentially lucrative”.

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