MSNBC blackballs Markos

Seriously. Markos Moulitsas, the editor of DailyKos, the largest American free-standing blog, is no longer welcome on the network because he Tweeted – yes, Tweeted – Joe Scarborough about Scarborough’s own hypocrisy in complaining that the media won’t cover Democratic “scandals” when Scarborough’s own nothing-burger “scandal” didn’t get much coverage either. Scarborough complained to the head of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, and Griffin banned Markos from the network.

Which leads to a larger question, and problem. So now, not only can you not say anything mean about conservatives and work for the major media, but you can no longer say anything mean and even be an unpaid guest on their shows. As if Scarborough, a far-right conservative, has never said anything mean? And none of MSNBC’s other guests – conservative ones, to be exact – have ever said anything mean? Really?

I can’t imagine MSNBC wants to go down this path, of having people scour the online, and offline, comments of every one of their conservative guests. But that’s exactly what they’ve invited with this weird blacklisting policy that only seems to apply to liberals. And rather sane liberals, at that.

It looks as though MSNBC is a bit hyper-sensitive about its anti-conservative image, and may be trying to move more to the right. Which is a problem, since the network has done a pretty good job of being fair to both sides – 3 hours of conservatives in the morning, 3 hours of liberals at night. This move against Markos is troubling.

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