Gulf oil spill fades as an issue just as oil stops gushing into Gulf (for now, anyway)

As everyone knows by now, oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf of Mexico. “Integrity” tests are underway (It’s hard to imagine anything called “integrity” associated with BP.) But, finally, it’s stopped. Just in time, too, apparently.

Cillizza at the Post:

Even as BP works to (finally) cap the leaking well in the Gulf Coast, there is new polling data out of Gallup that shows the American public has begun to turns its gaze away from the oil spill.

Asked to name the most important problem facing the country, just seven percent of respondents in the July Gallup poll said “natural disaster response/relief” — a major drop off from the 18 percent who said the same in June. (In Gallup’s May poll, just one percent named “natural disaster response” as the most important problem in the country.)

“Americans’ reduced likelihood to see the spill as the top problem could reflect the reality that the spill is no longer ‘new’ news or perhaps that Americans are becoming more confident that they spill will be fixed,” wrote Gallup poll director Frank Newport in a memo detailing the results.

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