Anti-Net Neutrality Senators wading in anti-competition funding

How long before the Republicans apologize to AT&T; for the FCC promoting net neutrality which will help consumers? There’s a great comment inside the link about the idea of politicians wearing “sponsorship patches” to highlight who gave them money. Wouldn’t that be interesting to see? The “sponsorship patch” should be larger or smaller depending on the size of the contributions from particular interest groups.

Senate Republicans are attempting to promote a bill that is completely dishonest in its name. The “Freedom for Consumer Choice Act (FCC Act)” has nothing to do with protecting consumers. It’s all about protecting AT&T; and other corporate powerhouses from competition. What’s with the GOP and their love affair with screwing consumers? By doing so they are killing real competition which used to be a cornerstone of the US economy.

Just sayin’ from TechDirt

So, let’s see. The bill’s main sponsor is Senator Jim DeMint. Over the course of his career… AT&T; is the second largest contributor to his campaigns. Ditto for Senator Tom Coburn. John Cornryn no doubt knows that AT&T; is the 4th biggest contributor to his campaigns over the years, and Orrin Hatch must be happy that AT&T; is the fifth largest contributor to his campaigns over the years (amusingly, AT&T; is the only non-healthcare company in the top 8 on Hatch’s list).

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