Palin endorses Obama-Hitler comparison

The problem is two-fold:

1. Regardless of whether you believe anyone should be talking about Sarah Palin, the woman is a leader in the Republican party, and could, by a fluke of nature, end up president some day. So it’s important to report on her inanities, if only to keep people informed of what a lightweight nut she really is.

2. The media has, to a larger part, accepted that Palin is a nut. Sure, they report on her every move, because they have to, but at the same time they’re loathe to examine her comments and hold her responsible for them because, secretly, they know she’s a little stupid, and nuts, so they give her a pass on actually discussing the implications of her comments. Had a leader of the Democratic party – an aspiring presidential candidate, no less – compared George Bush to Hitler, it’d be the end of their career. Now we have dingbats like Palin, and even GOP members of Congress, making the comparison with impunity. At some point, the media needs to stop reporting what Republicans say, and start analyzing it for the extremist, and dangerous, rhetoric it actually is.

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