Jindal declares day of prayer over spill, but hasn’t called up the Natl Guard

Hmmm. Seems to be one of these could have tangible results and one might not.

First, the Day Prayer:

On Thursday, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) issued an order designating June 27 a “Statewide Day of Prayer” for perseverance through the BP oil spill that continues to devastate the country’s Gulf Coast region.

That’s one “solution” proferred by the Governor of Louisiana. He’s also been screaming that the federal government hasn’t been doing enough. But, Jindal has one major resource at this disposal — the National Guard — and as John noted below, he’s not using it. More from CBS News:

Gov. Bobby Jindal’s message has been loud and clear, using language such as “We will only be winning this war when we’re actually deploying every resource,” “They (the federal government) can provide more resources” and “It’s clear the resources needed to protect our coast are still not here.”

But nearly two months after the governor requested – and the Department of Defense approved the use of 6,000 Louisiana National Guard troops – only a fraction – 1,053 – have actually been deployed by Jindal to fight the spill.

“If you ask any Louisianan, if you said ‘If you had those troops, do you think they could be put to good use? Is there anything they can do in your parish?’ I think they’d all tell you ‘Absolutely,'” Louisiana state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson, D-New Orleans, said.

By all the bitching Jindal’s been doing — and the fact that he’s got time to declare days of prayer, one would think that he’s done everything he could. Not true at all.

And, now about this:

It’s believed officials in Alabama, Florida and Mississippi and are reluctant to use more troops because their presence could hurt tourism. In hardest-hit Louisiana, however, Jindal is pointing fingers.

Stunning. Commander Allen pointed out that Jindal’s finger pointing is “just flat wrong.”

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