House Liberal Dems. finally figured out they’re getting screwed by Blue Dogs

Okay, this may be the biggest “dog bites man” story ever to come off Capitol Hill. Are the liberals in Congress really so naive? Of course they got screwed by the Blue Dogs. That’s been happening for years. I guess the good news is that they’ve finally figured it out:

Liberal House Democrats say they’ ve been betrayed by their conservative Blue Dog colleagues.

Months after shelving their doubts and helping Blue Dog Democrats get their signature issue of statutory pay-as-you-go language signed into law, some liberals say conservative Democrats have reneged on their side of the agreement.

They say they received assurances that Blue Dogs would support “emergency” spending measures intended to bolster the economy and help the unemployed even if they added to the deficit.

Designating the measures as “emergency” spending was supposed to exempt them from the new pay-go law, which requires new government spending to be offset with other cuts.

Instead, Blue Dog objections related to the deficit forced House leaders to strip COBRA healthcare benefits and a package of aid to states prized by liberals from the tax extenders bill.

Too many people on Capitol Hill don’t understand that millions of families are still suffering from the economic crisis. It’s not over. Unemployment is still at 9.7% and we’re not creating new jobs. That seems like an emergency to me. But, it’s not to the Blue Dogs.

I just can’t believe that any liberal is surprised.

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