Haley Barbour’s lack of preparation now causing problems

So much for the old “it’s not a problem” mentality. Because Barbour failed to take the spill seriously oil is washing ashore and Mississippi is scrambling for solutions including skimming equipment. Maybe he was waiting for the oil to self-regulate and take care of itself. Then again, he could have been praying with Sarah Palin and God simply wasn’t listening to either of them.

Just weeks ago, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour claimed that oil was not a big threat to the people of the Gulf Coast. Now, with oil hitting his state’s beaches for the first time since the start of the BP spill , the Republican governor says his state isn’t prepared for the spill and needs more help.

Earlier in June, Barbour said, “Once [oil] gets to this stage, it’s not poisonous,” though he said it probably wasn’t a good idea to brush one’s teeth with it.

With black gobs of oil now sullying Mississippi’s white beaches, the governor is taking a more serious tone, asking for more resources to combat the problem he had dismissed.

“We have to be honest with the public. Right now we don’t have enough skimming capacity if everything that’s off our shores continues going north,” Barbour said.

On day 70 of the spill, local officials say they’re sorely lacking in supplies to fight the oil. The mayor of Ocean Springs, Miss. told ABC News they’re not seeing the response they need from state and federal officials to an urgent problem.

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