David Vitter goes to bat for BP and Big Oil

I know, I know. I was as surprised as everyone else when I read the news. Then again, he’s used to hookers though he’s now changed from buying one to being one. Time:

But it’s Vitter’s early support of a liability cap – he introduced legislation that he promoted in last weekend’s weekly GOP radio address – that’s landing the son of a Chevron petroleum engineer in trouble. Local and national Democrats have been pounding Vitter for seeking to limit the amount of legal damages BP would be responsible for to the last four quarters of profit. “Unlike Republicans, Democrats are not going to protect BP – and given their track record, we are certainly not going to rely on BP’s word as the only thing ensuring that taxpayers are not left on the hook to pay for the disaster they caused,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in a statement.

Vitter’s been courting his conservative base since July 2007 when it was revealed that he had been a client of “DC Madam” Deborah Jeane Palfrey. Vitter held a press conference, his wife by his side, where he admitted to “a very serious sin,” though he didn’t detail the sin. In the years since he’s slowly and steadily rebuilt his conservative credentials. He passed an amendment to bar funding for organizations that advocate international gun control policies. He attempted to deny family planning funds to organizations that perform abortions but that failed the Senate 52-41. And he sponsored legislation to require all states to collect DNA samples from convicted felons. Vitter’s also been a strong advocate for President Bush’s tax cuts and, when he ran in 2004 he tied himself closely to Bush – images that are sure to come back to haunt him.

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