Another oil leak from another well in the Gulf of Mexico?

Please tell me this is somehow a mistake and all a big misunderstanding. In the mean time, shouldn’t Gulf drilling permits be halted until the dust settles and everyone knows what is happening? From bad to worse.

During a June 8 briefing for reporters, Steven Murawski, chief science advisor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association’s Fisheries Service, described deep strata of water tainted with oil. They were identified during a recent cruise in the Gulf of Mexico. A presumption had been that any clouds of oil hovering under the surface would be plumes spewed by the damaged BP well head. But the chemical fingerprinting of diffuse undersea oil clouds at one sampling site 142 nautical miles southeast of the Deepwater Horizon accident site was “not consistent with BP oil,” he pointed out.

Which begs the question: Where did this other oil come from — since Murawski noted that earlier research surveys of the area prior to the BP spill had turned up no subsea oil clouds.

At present there is no answer. But it should be noted that some recent news organizations around the gulf coast have lately begun reporting on a second leaking offshore gulf oil rig: the Ocean Saratoga.

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