Oil leak commission being formed

Yawn. Let me guess. It’s going to be as well worth it as the 9/11 commission or the Wall Street recession commission. These commissions are more and more of a waste of time and are all about insiders protecting insiders. What would be nice to come out of this would be to eliminate the interchangeable jobs that flow between Big Oil and the government who is supposed to be regulating Big Oil. We’re all familiar with this common practice in other industries (Wall Street comes to mind immediately) and it’s really time for Washington to get serious about it. But we can probably count on them to give it a pass again. CYA, here we go!

Two political veterans are expected to head a US commission investigating a huge oil spill, amid criticism of the government’s response.

Reports say former Democratic Senator Bob Graham and William Reilly, who once served as environment chief for the Republicans, will lead the inquiry.

President Barack Obama’s administration has been forced to defend its record in dealing with the spill.

UPDATE from Joe: Here’s the link to the weekly address where Obama makes the big announcement that he’s forming an oil spill commission. That sure makes me feel a lot better. Also, Ustream has a live feed of the oil gushing into the gulf.

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