OFA/DNC phonebanking against Sestak and for Specter

Organizing for America, the arm of the DNC that morphed from the Obama campaign, is phonebanking into Pennsylvania over the next couple days. This email was sent to New York OFA members:

There is an important election in Pennsylvania next week, and we need your help reminding voters to get out to the polls.

The stakes of this election are high: Ensuring that allies of the President are elected in the House and Senate, to fight for change.

So starting this weekend, through Tuesday’s election, OFA volunteers are organizing phone banks across New York. We’ll call into Pennsylvania and encourage voters to support leaders who will fight for President Obama’s vision for change.

Obviously, the big battle in Pennsylvania is the Democratic Senate primary between incumbent Arlen Specter and Congressman Joe Sestak. The Muhlenberg College/Morning Call tracking poll shows a dead heat with both candidates 1t 44% and 12% undecided.

The President is featured in an ad for Specter, which Greg Sargent reported is being funded by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. So, we know that national Democrats are spending heavily on behalf of Specter.

So, here’s the question: Is the DNC actually asking people to make calls for Specter and against Sestak? Yep. I checked the OFA website for events in the Allentown and Philadelphia areas. OFA is doing phonebanks for Specter. Here’s how the phonebanks are described. This one is at OFA HQ in Philadelphia:

For years, Arlen Specter has delivered for the people of Pennsylvania, and now we can deliver for him, help us get out the vote for Senator Spector by singing up for a shift in the most crucial days before the primary.

President Obama wants Senator Specter to continue working on his behalf, can you sign up to volunteer today?

For years, Specter was a Republican. Sestak is a real Democrat. Doesn’t OFA have better things to do?

If Specter wins, and I really hope he doesn’t, I wonder how all of these loyal Democrats are going to feel when Specter isn’t worried about Democratic primary voters anymore. Arlen Specter worries about one person: Arlen Specter. He’s as craven as politicians get. So, win or lose next week, Specter will dump Obama and the Democrats if that’s in his best interest. Everyone knows Obama can’t count on Specter to “continue working on his behalf.” Because Specter works on behalf of Specter.

I guess this is how hard-core GOPers felt in 2004 when Bush and the national Republicans jumped in to help Specter against Pat Toomey. Look how that ended up.

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