Obama admin picks climate-change-denying homophobe to ‘fix’ Gulf oil spill disaster

The oil industry would be proud of Jonathan I. Katz, the man the Obama administration has chosen to take a stab at fixing the Gulf oil spill disaster. He’s an avowed “proud homophobe,” who thinks that “sodomites” are responsible for infecting “innocent victims” with AIDS, and he’s an Al Gore hating climate change denialist too!

Here are his thoughts on climate change and Al Gore:

Who is stoking the alarm about global warming? There is Al Gore, an over-the-hill politician who wants to remain in the public eye. His house uses 20 times as much electricity as the average American house and he flies private jets. Obviously, he does not believe what he preaches; it must be an act. Conservation is for the little people. I’ll think about reducing my emissions after he reduces his by 95%. Then there is Jim Hansen, would-be dictator who wants to throw in jail anyone who disagrees with him or burns coal. He may wish himself another Mussolini (or worse), but people just laugh at him. And finally John Holdren, who in his younger days was prophesying disaster from the ice age then just beginning (so he said). Fictitious crises are a demogogue’s route to power.

Fortunately, global warming is probably good for humanity. Sit back, relax, and watch it happen.

And here’s what Katz has to say about the “innocent victims” of AIDS:

“These people died so the sodomites could feel good about themselves.”

But I’m sure a climate change denier is a really good scientist otherwise. (Other than that Mrs. Lincoln…) Much more on AMERICAblog Gay, including this action alert.

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