In PA Dem. primary, Sestak has moved into lead over Specter

Taegan Goddard links to two Pennsylvania polls showing Joe Sestak now leading Arlen Specter in the Democratic primary by a five-point margin: 47% – 42%. Election day is next Tuesday, May 18th.

And, to top it off, turns out then-Republican Senator Arlen Specter voted against Elana Kagan’s nomination as Solicitor General.

Chris Bowers analyzed some of the key points about this race, as Specter seeks to stop Sestak’s momentum. This is key:

Sestak is more electable than Specter The first attack Specter will use will be to argue that he is more electable than Sestak. Problem is, this simply isn’t true. Even before Sestak’s surge in the polls, he needed 68.2% of the undecided vote to hit 50.1% against Pat Toomey (17.4% of 25.5% undecided), while Specter needed 75.5% (10.5% of 13.9% undecided). Given that the general election polls used for those numbers were all taken before Sestak gained 25 points on Specter in the primary, it is highly likely that margin, which was already favorable to Sestak, is much more favorable to now. It is just flat wrong to say that Specter is more electable.

Specter is running out of arguments and time.

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