GOP pollster appears to suggest that Times Square terror attack may be ‘opportunity’ for Republicans

Washington Post via Greg Sargent:

Two days after the dramatic arrest of Times Square bombing suspect Faisal Shahzad, Republicans were engaged in a full-bore effort to rewrite the good-news narrative.

Yes, we have been lucky,” House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) said Thursday, “but luck is not an effective strategy for fighting terrorism.”

Whatever the merits of their argument — and, where terrorism is concerned, it is prudent to keep cockiness at bay — there is a political imperative at work as well.

Democrats are always suspect on national security, and anything that makes them look weak on national security creates an opportunity for Republicans,” said Whit Ayres, a GOP pollster.

As Greg notes:

Ayres is the GOP equivalent of prominent Dem pollster Stan Greenberg of Democracy Corps or John Podesta of the liberal Center for American Progress. If Greenberg or Podesta had explicitly said after the capture of the Shoe Bomber under Bush that it presented Dems with a political opportunity, you can bet that some folks would have made a lot of noise about it.

This is part of the larger issue of the politicization of foreign policy, including the war on terror. The Republicans have decided to make hay with any and all issues, in the hopes of destroying the President and winning back the Congress, and then the presidency. It doesn’t matter to them if they ruin the economy (opposing the stimulus), our health (opposing health care reform), or our national security (constantly trying to undercut the President on foreign policy). What’s interesting, and troubling, is that the media keeps reporting the he-said-she-said, rather than calling the GOP on their bull. Greg Sargent called them on it. Others should do the same.

(I’ll be on CNN Sunday morning, on Howie Kurtz’s ‘Reliable Sources,’ talking about this very topic, among others, starting at 11am Eastern.)

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