George W. Bush on Arlen Specter: ‘I can count on this man…He’s a firm ally.’

Brutal new ad on Arlen Specter from the Sestak campaign. It features the words of two prominent Republicans: George W. Bush and Arlen Specter — and the photo of another key GOP leader: Sarah Palin.
This ad really captures the cravenness of Specter. Taegan Goddard reports that the Morning Call’s tracking poll now has the race even:

The latest Morning Call/Muhlenberg tracking poll shows Sen. Arlen Specter (D) and challenger Joe Sestak (D) tied at 43% each with 13% still undecided.

My gut tells me that while Democrats have been thinking they would vote for Specter again, they didn’t really love him. They needed a reason to vote against him. Sestak’s ad may have crystallized that.

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