Bloomberg: Times Square terror suspect continuing to be helpful after he was mirandized

I’m still amazed at the degree to which Republicans don’t believe in the basic tenets of our democracy. From Greg Sargent:

I disagree with the congressman. I’ve always thought democracy is strong enough. There is an exemption, a public safety exemption which was used here. The police officers in the court don’t have to read you your rights if they think there’s information they get right away. Then they do it afterwards.

In this case, that’s what they did. They got some information. The guy was either read or offered to have read to him his Miranda rights and he’s continued to be helpful and giving us information.

Sen. Lindsey Graham actually called on Bloomberg and the New York police department to join him in coming up with a way to avoid having to Mirandize terror suspects in the future.

What are they so afraid of? We mirandize criminal suspects every day. Somehow we’re not all dead as a result. Why are acts of terrorism different? Is the Times Square car bomb, that didn’t go off, and didn’t hurt anyone, really a bigger crime than an American born mass murderer who kills 30 kids? We mirandize the serial killer, and not a peep from the GOP. But when we do it to a Muslim terrorists, somehow our world will come to an end.

I just don’t get it. I get the emotional and political appeal of being against mirandizing terror suspects. I don’t get the intellectual and practical arguments against it. I’m at greater risk of the scary people around the corner shooting me than I am of getting hurt in a terror attack. Then again, maybe to the Republicans it really is all about politics, and not about making us safe.

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