Ben Nelson, other Senators, have never used an ATM – that’s why they don’t support capping ATM fees

While I’m sure many of them haven’t, I suspect their opposition to capping the fees you pay at the ATM is based on the banking lobby having bought them off.

As for the fees, they’re about as absurd as paying 10 cents for a text message. In today’s day and age, it costs next to nothing to send information electronically. Thus the reason phone calls, non-cell calls, cost virtually nothing. Does it really cost a bank $3.00 to have me withdraw some money from their ATM? You’d think the federal government would have a compelling interest to NOT have every single bank in the country be required to put their own ATMs on every street corner, like the way print newspaper stands are lined up on the corners of big cities. I just can’t get over the feeling that the banks are charing usury fees, and using us.

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