WH Deputy Chief of Staff Messina shut down DADT repeal in February at secret mtg, days after President promised repeal this year in SOTU

Back in February, five days after the President promised in his State of the Union that ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ would be repealed this year, Deputy White House Chief of Staff Jim Messina had a meeting with most, but not all, of the gay groups and told them that DADT was not going to be repealed this year.

I believe this may have been the same meeting that Messina lectured the gay groups on the fact that we were a nation involved in two wars, so they shouldn’t expect DADT to be repealed – which was unfortunately a GOP talking point.

What did those in attendance do? It’s not clear they did much of anything. After that meeting, the Human Rights Campaign continued to defend the President, claiming that he had a plan to repeal DADT this year, and that the plan was on track – even after the number two man in the White House told them “no.”

Kerry Eleveld of the Advocate has the story.

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