Volcanic ash disrupting flights in Europe

Mother nature has decided to reset flight schedules. Last night I read that flights may be disrupted for a few days or problems could continue for months. The problem with volcanic ash is that it can stop engines and severely damage the plane in other ways. Flights into or out of the UK were stopped yesterday and the biggest problems seem to be the UK and Scandinavia though today, even here in France there are problems. Travelers wanting to fly out of the UK were flocking onto the Eurostar to make it to Paris yesterday but that may be slowing now that there are cancellations here as well.

An unprecedented no-fly zone imposed across Europe following a huge volcanic eruption in Iceland is set to remain in force into the weekend, causing travel chaos for over a million air passengers.

Airspace stretching from Ireland to Finland, including airports in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels, was closed today following the violent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano in south-east Iceland which sent a plume of ash across some of the world’s busiest flight paths.

All UK airspace was closed from noon except for “agreed emergencies”. It is likely to stay shut tomorrow, with the force of the eruption showing no sign of abating.

Last night north-westerly winds continued to blow the eight mile high plume across the continent, raising fears that airlines could be grounded for days. One volcanologist said the ash could present intermittent problems to air traffic for six months if the eruption continued. The last time the volcano erupted in 1821, it spewed ash for two years.

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