Volcanic ash continues to disrupt flights in northern Europe

More chaos and thousands of flights canceled. The airlines are losing a lot of money because the flights are all grounded. We had a friend arrive from Brittany last night who is headed to the US for a conference and was in a panic because as of this morning Charles de Gaulle was still closed. He’s due to present on Tuesday but it’s hardly a given that he will get out today or tomorrow or Monday. Another friend phoned me from Rome as he had to take the overnight train from Rome to Paris where he will catch the Eurostar back to London. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find anything available until Monday evening so he’s stuck and can’t get back to work on Monday.

Crazy days and even now, nobody besides Mother Nature have any idea how long it will last. BBC:

Virtually all of Europe’s major airports remain closed as a huge plume of volcanic ash drifts south across the continent from Iceland.

Millions of air travellers are stranded across Europe after some 16,000 flights were cancelled on Friday.

Britain and Ireland have re-imposed flight bans, warning of “worsening” conditions throughout Saturday.

Airlines are losing some £130m ($200m) a day in the biggest airspace shutdown since World War II.

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