VA Gov.’s removed anti-slavery language in Confederacy proclamation, hopes it will promote tourism

I have to admit, my jaw dropped when I read this passage in the Washington Post’s front page article about Governor Bob McDonnell’s proclamation that April is “Confederate History Month”:

McDonnell left out anti-slavery language that Allen’s successor, James S. Gilmore III (R), had included in his proclamation.

McDonnell said Tuesday that the move was designed to promote tourism in the state, which next year will mark the 150th anniversary of the start of the war. McDonnell said he did not include a reference to slavery because “there were any number of aspects to that conflict between the states. Obviously, it involved slavery. It involved other issues. But I focused on the ones I thought were most significant for Virginia.”

He’s actually trying to downplay the slavery issue as a factor in the Civil War. Wow. Maybe McDonnell should venture into DC someday and check out a document called the “Emancipation Proclamation” at the National Archives. It was written by his fellow Republican, Abraham Linconln. Of course, for McDonnell, venturing across the Potomac into DC means he’s leaving the Confederacy and entering Union territory.

Just keep in mind that Bob McDonnell is touted as one of the great new hopes for the GOP. That’s why he was chosen to give the Republican response to State of the Union in January:

In tapping McDonnell, GOPers hope to capitalize on the momentum the party has earned from recent electoral gains. McDonnell has been credited with laying out a blueprint for conservative GOPers to compete even in centrist states, and the party believes he is the best face to put in front of the country’s surging populism.

Now, McDonnell is best known for honoring the Confederacy.

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