Reid to keep Senate in all night to force GOPers to defend filibuster of Wall Street reform

This is what we like to see. If the Republicans are going to keep filibustering Wall Street reform on behalf of their Wall Street benefactors, then they really have to filibuster this time. Harry Reid is playing hardball:

Senate Democratic leaders are planning for an all-night session to put more pressure on Republicans to allow a debate on Wall Street reform.

Republican senators voted for the third time in three days on Wednesday to block an effort to bring a reform bill to the floor.

Democratic aides said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) plans to keep the Senate in session overnight to force Republicans to reconsider their opposition to the Democratic legislation.

Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin (Ill.) said leaders had decided to hold a nighttime session to highlight GOP opposition to the Wall Street reform bill.

Republicans won’t even let the debate begin. They just use their tired old talking point about wanting bipartisanship, which is really GOP code for obstruction.

Not this time. Here’s what we’re hearing — some of it’s in Senate procedure-speak, but it’s actually pretty clear. Later today, they’ll be rolling out the cots in the Capitol. This afternoon, Majority Leader Reid will start asking for live quorum calls, which means Senators will have to show up to vote. Later tonight, Democratic Senators will start asking consent to move to the reform bill. It’s assumed the GOP will object, in order to continue their filibuster. As we saw during the recent unemployment filibuster, it only takes one Senator to object. But, GOPers are going to have to object all through the night because Democrats are going to keep asking. Tomorrow morning, Reid will move for a vote to reconsider the motion to proceed. The GOP again voted as a bloc against the motion to proceed today, in order to continue their filibuster. If you check out the roll call vote here, you’ll see that Reid voted with the GOP. He did so he can move to reconsider (only someone on the No side can make that move.) So, tomorrow morning, Reid will force Republicans to take another vote on behalf of their Wall Street masters.

Game on.

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