On behalf of their Wall Street benefactors, Senate GOPers will filibuster Wall Street reform

Via Huffington Post, it’s official. The Republicans are going to filibuster Wall Street reform. It’s not too hard to figure out why: The GOP is doing the work of Wall Street:

Mitch McConnell has rounded up the necessary votes to block Democrats from bringing Wall Street reform to the Senate floor, a spokesman for the Senate Minority Leader said on Friday afternoon.

Senate Majority Leader Harry (D-Nev.) said on Thursday he planned to bring the bill to the floor next week where it would be debated and amendments added. McConnell has now persuaded 41 Republicans to vote against debating reform.

The Democrats better not back down. Not one inch. Make the Republicans filibuster. Make them vote on cloture over and over and over. Let’s this spectacle play out for the American people, especially the teabaggers. They’ll see whose side the GOP is on. Not theirs.

It’s just a joke and a ruse that the GOPers are calling for bipartisanship on the Wall Street reform bill. As we’ve witnessed (and let’s hope the White House has witnessed, too), for Republicans, bipartisanship is code for wanting to kill legislation.

So game on, GOP Senators. It’s time to play hard ball. If Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins want to side with McConnell and the Wall Street bankers, Obama should take another trip to Maine. This time, he can talk about how Wall Street destroyed the American economy with the assistance of the Republican Party — and how Maine’s supposed moderates are siding with Wall Street over Main Street. Now, that would be fun to see (but it might be a little too mean.)

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